In the course of this past week we’ve welcomed several new babies to the fold.  On Monday we took food to two families with new ones.  K and I got to spend time cooing over Jared’s and Laura’s new little girl, Lily, and David’s and Ann’s Ruth.  In recent times Katherine’s been the only little girl in the nursery, but that is going to change!  Ruth was adopted from China and is just a couple of months older than Katherine, so Katherine can enjoy time with one playmate her size while she waits for Lily to get a bit more mobile.

We also attended a shower for Laura and Jenny, whose baby will make his or her appearance in June.  When the same group of friends gathered last year about this time, there were a lot of pregnant bellies but only one child on the scene.  This time around things were definitely different, with one toddler, three babies, one newborn, and only one pregnant belly.  It was a much noisier shower!

These recent activities only reinforced the feeling I’ve had recently: I no longer have a baby.  Katherine’s just shy of ten months old, but her activity level and mobility make me think of her as a small toddler, rather than a baby.  Although I have small moments of “Awww” when I see newborns, I’m very happy watching Katherine grow up.  After all, we have books to read together!


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