I love my mother and my husband

Our house is in a flurry as we all get ready to go to conferences tomorrow.  All four of us (Mom, Sydney, Katherine, and me) will drive down to Philadelphia, where we’ll park the car and take a train into the city.  Sydney will then take the train from Philly to NYC for the annual philosophy conference while the women of the family will stay in Philadelphia for the annual language conference.

Mom’s been taking over the dishwashing, laundry, and Katherine care, punctuating her work with “Acck!  Katherine!  No, honey, not like that.  Not like that!  We don’t eat the kitty food.”

Sydney, meanwhile, has apparently been overwhelmed by the slight (very slight, I’m afraid) chance that we might move this year.  He said that if we move he’ll want to order trees from nurseries pretty soon, so as not to waste time getting his tree collection started.  In a deadpan: “Erin, my biological clock is ticking.”


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