We did indeed have a great evening out while Katherine entertained our friend Rosemary on Saturday evening (bless that woman for giving us that time!).  Sydney and I had dinner at Hazelnut Kitchen in Trumansburg, where we ordered the full roster: appetizers, main courses, and desserts!  The restaurant was great, and its focus on local, seasonal food didn’t keep it from seeing a far cry from what I manage to do with the local food in my house!  Chestnuts, mashed sweet potatoes, fresh pesto, crispy chives, cooked greens with lots of goat cheese.  Really rich, complicated flavors.  Yum!  Not to mention the delicious hazelnut ice cream.  Now I’ll be looking for an excuse to go back . . .

Unfortunately, Katherine really kept us up that night (apparently she didn’t realize it was her dad’s birthday), and we’ve been struggling to recover since then.  I wish you could just fill the sleep void with food, because then we’d be all set.  But I tried that in college and it didn’t do much for my waistline, or for my tiredness.


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