Trying times

Sometime near the beginning of October Katherine suddenly stopped sleeping through the night.  At best, she now wakes up once a night.  But more common is the scene we had last night, with a wake-up session at 1:30, 3:00, 5:00 . . . you get the picture.  So, with one “good” night out of every two or three, just enough to keep us from the madhouse, Sydney and I are starting to look and feel pretty worn down.  Our doctor assured us that this new trick is probably just linked to a period of high development, when Katherine wants or needs both food and comfort in quantity.  This morning I walked in the door after a set of conferences with my students for which I was far too tired, sat down, and looked at Katherine, who leaned waaay back in my lap, opened her mouth in a huge grin, and revealed Tooth #2, just coming out of the gum.  Six weeks of no sleep and two tiny little teeth.  I’m not going to think too hard about how many teeth little kids get . . .I mean, she can decimate a slice of apple with just one tooth, so how many more does she need?


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