Overheard in our house

As I try to hum while rocking Katherine to sleep.  And as she periodically uses me as a trampoline:

“Hmmmm, mmmmm, HUGH, hmmmmmm, hmm, hmm, HUGH”

* * *

As I try to read her a some Greek myths from a book of fairy tales near bedtime:

“‘And then Theseus’–well, now, they’ve done a bit of tactful editing–‘leaves his wife on the island’ . . . Did you notice that the men always ditch their wives for the next thing to come along?  Anyway . . .”

Maybe if Katherine becomes less of a gymnast and I start watching my critical annotations around a burgeoning reader we’ll start sounding a bit less strange.


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One Response to Overheard in our house

  1. Mother of the bride says:

    Whatever happened to the singsong rhythms of Dr. Seuss’stories?

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