Frustrated Baby, Small House



Poor Katherine.  The back half of her is ready to crawl.  She’s got the legs pumping, the toes dug in, and those sturdy little legs are ready to push off.  Unfortunately, the equally sturdy little arms are locked straight and she seems to have no idea that she needs to bend them in order to move.  So the legs dig in and push forward and her little rear goes higher and higher–until she falls over, having made herself into a steeple shape.  This kid needs a helmet.

The consequence of all that frustrated exercise?  She moves backwards.  Today, having gotten fed up with the failure to move forward, she did some frustrated scooting backwards–the full width of our living room.  I came to get her when she finally got herself backed against the bathroom door.  This house is going to seem a bit small unless she learns to steer!


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2 Responses to Frustrated Baby, Small House

  1. Mother of the bride says:

    Ummm, your work has just begun…give my babydoll a squeeze!

  2. Lisa says:

    Love the legwarmers. 🙂

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