What we’re up to

Busy.  Busy busy busy.  Our classes are extra full due to budget cuts, job applications all need to be in before November (some much earlier than that), and there are lots of conference papers, conferences, and travel plans to prepare for before then.  Gah!

Katherine is sailing along smoothly, refusing to acknowledge that her parents are looking a bit worn.  And that’s wonderful.  Always good to come home and dig into play time with her.  God was brilliant in giving people children just when they might begin to push themselves too hard in other ways.  Kids force you to play, to stop everything else, and that’s a great thing.  Plus, when I hear all sorts of scary job advice, like how essential it is to have a hotel room completely to myself when preparing for job interviews, I can laugh; if and when I get any interviews, I’m likely to have a bouncing baby girl in that room with me!


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