Time to Dream

The job listings came out for my field yesterday.  The numbers are definitely down, but there are some, enough to make a real attempt at the job market worthwhile (especially since another year of graduate funding is looking less likely with every budget cut).  Although I scrutinized a few hundred listings that elicited reactions like, “Hmm, maybe in some world I could be what they’re looking for?” “Wait, they make Ph.D.’s in my field that do that sort of work?” “Is there any literature anywhere in this job?” and other such positive remarks, I did find a few that seemed like they’d be a good fit.  Unfortunately, I’m sure there are roughly 10,000 people in my area of specialty for all those, say, seven jobs.  But it’s early in the game and I am going to seize the chance to dream about moving to x, y, or z.  A couple are close to my family in the midwest, a few are in dream places I’ve always considered living in, and one or two are close to here.  So I spent my walk with Katherine yesterday fielding imaginary interview questions along the lines of “We have a lot of candidates who don’t like cold, rural climates.  Can you address our concern?”

You betcha!


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4 Responses to Time to Dream

  1. Lisa says:

    Good luck w/the job apps! Any positions in Boston? 😉 Barring that, any in places that I’d be particularly excited to visit?
    Keep me posted on how it goes.


  2. fustianist says:

    I was trying to figure out how I could quickly change my area of expertise by three hundred years so that I would qualify for the position at the University of British Columbia 🙂


  3. Heidi says:

    Yes, do tell — where are some of these other jobs? If not online, send me an email, because I’m curious 🙂

    Good luck with the job hunt… it is a personal journey that takes on a life of its own!


  4. Lisa says:

    Too bad – UBC would’ve been nice (and is apparently on my short-list for post-docs, acc. to the boss lady). Keep me posted on how things go! *hugs*

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