at least we’ll have great northern (and not-so-northern) lights

This sort of thing helps explain a variety of my preferences, e.g., why I prefer living in a rural area to living in a city, why I prefer good old-fashioned paper books to Kindles, and so forth. It strikes me that a great deal of modern development serves to increase immediate efficiency/productivity but leaves us much more vulnerable to catastrophe. Being a bit risk averse, I have a hard time seeing that as progress.


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  1. Milton says:

    who knows… maybe all those naysayers that say everything that can be invented are right, and if we don’t store all our knowledge on the world wide web or tech-driven servers so they can be wiped out by a plasma storm, we’dd be bored to tears shortly, with nothing more to invent. If all is lost in such a storm, think of the fun we’ll have inventing concrete for at least the third time.

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