Inventive, it’s not

As Sydney and I drove through Chicago yesterday and noticed huge, sprawling suburbs on both sides of the road.  I’d say the average house had 4,000 square feet and was approximately five years old.  We were cracking jokes about the warm-and-fuzzy community sense we were getting from the area when we saw the name of the area: “West Suburbs.”  That was it, on every sign over the next few miles.  We weren’t sure whether to be glad they didn’t try for something grand like “Riverside Oaks” or “Glenforest Springs” or saddened that they didn’t even try for a homey name.


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  1. Heidi says:

    Did you notice the lack of trees? That’s the one thing I hate hate hate about the new suburbs!!

    Also, West Suburbs isn’t an actual name of a suburb, its just the exit for that general direction (I think probably the exit for I-355). However, here are some names of West suburbs: Carol Stream, Oak Brook, Oakbrook Terrace, Clarendon Hills, Willowbrook, Orland Park, Country Club Hills…

    (in fairness, some of those towns have been there a long time – before the naming trends – and some of them do not have large homes) For real fun, you should drive around and check out the names of all the gated communities. That’s really even more amusing!

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