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Katherine the Explorer

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Trouble Turns One

Everything about Katherine these days is about a strong-willed little personality on the move.  Which means that pictures rarely capture the girl we know.  So, though these are not the traditional portrait pose, they’re true to life. Erin

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I’m sitting in my carrel on the third floor of the library, hunting footnote after footnote.  Miss Katherine’s increasing mobility has made it harder to work in the house, so we’ve taken to going to campus for much of our … Continue reading

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prepositions? conjunctions? what’s the difference?

I had a number of students in my class using ‘however’ and ‘therefore’ as conjunctions and this was starting to grate on me, so yesterday I gave them a mini-lecture on the matter. I started out by putting ‘but’ and … Continue reading

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I just came across the word “vomitrocious” in my stack of student papers.  I don’t know whether to be relieved or dismayed that other problems took higher priority when I was writing up comments for the paper. Erin

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Good Friday and all that happens next

On the evening of Good Friday five years ago I was baptized in St. John’s Episcopal Church in New Haven.  On the morning of Good Friday one year ago Katherine was born. I know that both of these events have … Continue reading

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