Last week of classes

Wow, was it ever painful to shift from Thanksgiving break at home into the long-days-on-campus routine of the final week of class.  Even without any classes on my slate, there’s an inevitably a meeting or two or three each day to keep us busy and away from home for long stretches.  So we’ll just try to get ourselves out the door in the mornings without forgetting half the things we need.

Next week is almost as busy, with dinners and more meetings and packing.  Oh yes, and finishing up a dissertation chapter section!  The plan is to leave Ithaca a week from this Saturday (bye, Arwyn!), spend a day with David and Lisa in South Bend, spend about a week-and-a-half with my family in Iowa, and then drive to Philadelphia, where Sydney will attend the annual APA conference.  That same conference is where he’ll be doing interviews next year, so his attendance this year should help him get the lay of the land.  My conference (it meets the same time) is meeting in San Francisco this year, so I thought I’d pass on the preview, but next year it will be in Philadelphia.  So it’s something of a scouting trip for both of us.  Oh yes, and since I have absolutely no intention of sitting in on the philosophy conference, I am already daydreaming about wonderful days of museums and old libraries and other big-city attractions.


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