Quiet time

We’ve been quiet on the blog, which you might take as an indication of how life’s been recently.  Classes are winding up as we get into Thanksgiving.  I think I’m now done with French (yes!) and will need to buckle down with my real work over the next couple of weeks.  Sydney’s birthday was on Friday and we celebrated in a typical Sydney-and-Erin way: we took a walk in the woods to enjoy the beautiful sun and snow; we visited the grocery stores to stock up on good food; we spent the evening at home to avoid lots of people and traffic (since Cornell athletics brought in sold-out crowds); I made cauliflower curry; we spent the rest of the evening curled up on the couch, reading and enjoying the quiet.  Perhaps a slightly strange way to spend a birthday, but perfect for us, particularly since we were getting over the latest cold/flu bug.


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