Baby update

So far I think I’ve done a pretty good job of not worrying this pregnancy to death.  Especially when you consider that I am surrounded by a number of older, more experienced women who periodically turn to me with furrowed brows and interrogate me about my eating and sleeping habits: “Do you get enough protein?”  “Have you been doing yoga?”  “You haven’t had tests x, y, and z done?”  All well-intentioned, and I’m glad to keep these things in mind as I scrutinize my diet and whatnot, but potentially worry-inducing for a new mother.  For the most part, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of assuring the concerned inquirers that I’m toeing the line–and, which is far more difficult, I’ve managed to keep their worry from jumpstarting my worry-wart tendencies.

There was one exception: the worst night of sleep I’ve had so far was the one after Mom mentioned that I had dark smudges under my eyes in photographs, thus causing both she and my dad to worry about me a bit.  I knew that I’d been having trouble sleeping (for the first three months of pregnancy I fitfully nightmared my way through the night), but I held out hope of that improving and tried not to let it bother me.  Of course, hearing the concern expressed by someone else got me actively worrying about it, so that night passed very slowly and left me with half-a-dozen new dreams to relate to Sydney the next morning.  But when I got up, I laughed at myself for letting their worry start up my worry and make their concerns self-fulfilling.  Since then I’ve slept soundly, a trend I intend to continue as long as possible 🙂

I’m quite glad that I still fit in my clothes (though I appreciate the help of a scarf in making the bump not so obvious).  Thus far, I’m not terribly impressed by the legendary “pregnancy appetite.”  I’m just eating less varied (and nutritious) food than I would normally eat, with the occasional hunger pangs that send me running for various forms of sugar (or, if I prepare for such things, raisins).  Either I normally have a pregnancy appetite or I haven’t gotten there yet.  If it’s the former, I guess I’m in for a major letdown!

Baby food of the week: at 18 weeks he or she is currently about the size of a bell pepper 🙂


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