Last night Sydney and I came home late and starving. We quickly made pizza with leftover dough and various veggies and sauces from the fridge. We had to split the pizza down the middle, though, since Sydney’s leek-and-apple topping made my stomach turn. I opted for tomato sauce and pineapple.

Since my pizza crust is really thin and we’d only topped it with some veggies and cheese, I was worried we’d still be hungry after we’d inhaled it. Boy, was I wrong!

Halfway through our plates we were edging toward full, and by the time we were done we were both stuffed. I know that, particularly with evening meals, I simply don’t have a lot of room for food. Apparently the baby takes up a fair amount of room in there. But yesterday Sydney had the same trouble! So when we were done we both stretched out full-length on the couch. We then spent the next hour recovering from dinner, trying to figure out why the same food that we’d had just a few days ago would now knock us out! I was utterly incapable of bending, so for the rest of the evening I did the awkward-pregnant-maneuvering of a woman several months further along. It’s just too bad the cat was the only one there to observe the comedy—and she seemed more alarmed than amused!


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