A cooking conversation

One of our favorite cooking websites is epicurious.com.  Sydney loves it for the unusual ingredients and gourmet recipes.  I love it for the conversation: each recipe has a section for comments, and you get some great ideas reading the reviews, where other cooks post not only their feedback but also their adaptations.

Today I was looking for a simple banana-bread recipe, but I wanted, of course, the best.  I clicked on one that was rated highly, and then, as I read the comments, I realized that the rating was not for the posted recipe, but rather for one that a commenter had included in his review.  Fifty pages of commenters who all said, “I have to say, my rating isn’t for this recipe, but for John’s, posted some 30 pages back!  It was great!”

After all that I had to give John’s recipe a try for myself . . .


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