Nelson’s here!

Nelson just flew in yesterday for a visit, so the Penner brothers are reunited and looking for Trouble.  I am confident that this will mean Trouble in the Kitchen: strange ingredients, new recipes, and lots of experimentation.  I also think that Trouble might involve their hijacking the car and going camping in the Adirondacks in the next few days.  What with the cooler weather we’ve been having, I hope they’re ready to get cozy!

Late last night I submitted a paper that I’ll be presenting at a workshop next week.  After several weeks of reading up, several days of head-scratching writing, and then a burst of ideas, I feel like what I produced is a major accomplishment.  On the other hand, I talked over my dissertation plan with an advisor yesterday and I realized that the paper I just wrote may offer material for what is only a very small fraction of the whole thing–maybe a third of a chapter?  This is going to be a long haul . . .

Hoping to eat good food and get out to enjoy the beautiful fall Ithaca’s been showing us these past few weeks.


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2 Responses to Nelson’s here!

  1. Lisa says:

    When I think of Sydney, “Trouble” is the first word that comes to mind. :-p


  2. fustianist says:

    I’m not saying Sydney’s “Trouble” is the same kind most young males have in mind. But it’s definitely there! That’s both what keeps my life interesting and what gives me gray hairs!


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