Labor Day, in all its complications

Staff at the university are off today.  Professors and students are not.   Basically, that means the university is running without ready access to the people who organize the whole thing.  I can’t imagine how some administrators must be holding their breath.  For example, my department is closed, but they’re keeping open the copy room.  If the copy machine breaks or malfunctions, however, we’re stuck.

Likewise, Sydney and I have classes such that we’re on campus all of today and we were in too much of a hurry to pack our own lunch.  But it seems that nearly all of the cafeteria/cafe staff are out, so we’ve had to do some hunting around campus to find food.  Two couples we know have one partner as a grad student and one partner as university staff.  Half the couple is on vacation, and the other half is in the library.  It’s a weird world.


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