my favourite title of the year

Erin brought the following, rather interesting title on MSN to my attention (it’s the one at the bottom of the image):

Heaven forbid that one criticize a position during a debate! Much better just to defer to the wisdom and expertise of a bunch of silly university presidents and enjoy the pleasantness and safety of a unanimous debate.

For some added entertainment, you can go to the website of the organization that inspired all of this and see how many fallacious arguments you can spot: Try not to get too sidetracked by the fact that the spelling and grammar on the site suggests that the writers might have been failing to drink responsibly.

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  1. fustianist says:

    Just to add to the fun:

    If you’re swayed by the administrators’ claim (as stated in the MSN article) that their position is being misrepresented, and that “they are not necessarily advocating that the age be lowered,” make sure to check out the merchandise section of their partner-group’s website. I’m sure their t-shirt slogans catch the subtleties of their position.

    Also, a good indication that doctoral students may not have the world entirely figured out:

    “In college, you’re free for the first time ever. There are no rules,” said Walter Ray-Dulany, a fifth-year doctoral student at the University of Maryland in College Park. “In high school, there are rules.”

    His conclusion?: “And maybe it’s better to start drinking when there are rules.” Can’t say it’s one I might have drawn.


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