Food for thought

After sending Sydney off to sweat through his oral exams this afternoon I decided to take a walk.  I’ve been feeling a bit like mud on a stick recently, so a walk seemed like a good idea.  After mailing off baby present #4 for the summer, I hit the cute little grocery in the little town near our house.  One mile of walking and you find yourself in a place with organic chocolate, bulk oats, and good cheese.  Intending only to pick up a couple of apples, I found myself looking at a cantaloupe.  I’d been dreaming incessantly about a cantaloupe (yeah, I know, I get on weird food kicks) since Saturday, so the coincidence seemed just too good to turn down.

Of course, even as I was paying for the cantaloupe (and the half-dozen apples, plus a few other things) I was thinking about how much it was going to hurt hauling it home.  Over a mile, mostly uphill, with a really steep climb the last tenth of a mile or so.  Oh yeah, and another part of that mile is a seasonal road that is basically just a gravel trail up the side of a gorge.  Oh well.  I made it and I’m dying for Sydney to come home, tell me all about the exam, and join me in eating cantaloupe.


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