Oh, hello again. Nice to see you.

It’s beginning in earnest.

In my five semesters of teaching thus far I’ve taught roughly 75 kids of my own, plus shared TA responsibility for roughly 100 more.  Within the past week I’ve seen and talked to something like half-a-dozen of them, all from different classes.  One, funnily enough, is a philosophy major now and was in a class where Sydney was the TA.  I told her to get used to having Penners grade her papers 🙂

Although I like seeing them, and I enjoy watching them move from sophomore to senior, there are downsides.  I have seen three of my students at the gym, so I guess my vanity is taking something of a blow.  I saw three today on my way back from the gym, when I was still red in the face and had wet hair.

Vanity takes something of a blow just by living and working in Ithaca: you’re quite likely to see your students when hiking, visiting the grocery store, swimming, etc.  I already see them in church.  And I hear that if you go out on weekends it’s even worse.  Besides, I’ve realized I may lead too comfy of a life, and students might help to keep me a bit more presentable.  (No, this isn’t where I reveal scandalous nighttime activity.)  I wore jeans yesterday for the first time in a long while and they were horrendously uncomfortable.  I couldn’t figure out why, until I realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the pants: I had just spent the past several weeks in long skirts and yoga pants, so I’d reached a level of comfort that jeans just couldn’t match.  I really will be in trouble when I leave Ithaca, won’t I?


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