Hey, it’s done

Yesterday was no fun, since I realized as I was editing that I had written a terrible paper . . . and that I had to hand it in within the hour.  Grr.  Arg.  Plus, I was so anxiety-ridden and tired that I couldn’t fight off a case of the blues even after I handed it in.  Wouldn’t you have loved to have been in Sydney’s shoes? 🙂

Thankfully, I got 9 hours of sleep last night and am ready to take on the world again.  You can tell because I woke up and started organizing my books and papers–yup, I’m back.

Today we’re off to do what we hope are mostly fun activities: gardening, get-togethers, and maybe a concert.

When Monday rolls around I’ll do some more reading and preparing for the oral exam on Wednesday.  But I’m taking the weekend off!


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