Farm Play

The kids just spent a week at Choral Camp in Ohio at Sydney’s alma mater, Rosedale.  Outdoor singing sessions under the tent, shaving cream fights, slippery water slides, and beginner solfege training: it’s a really fun combination of music and field day games.  The kids came home tired (Nathaniel slept much of the drive home) and eager to commit to going again next year.  This was Nathaniel’s first year, and Katherine’s fourth.

We also spent an easy evening at the farm on Sunday:

The habit of climbing a cattle gate and enjoying the breeze and the view hasn’t gotten old.  Katherine’s even wearing one of her old Choral Camp t-shirts.

Nathaniel is intent on gathering the small patch of wheat that the combine left in our part of the field, so that he can dry, thresh, sort, and grind his own wheat for bread.  Once he has a project in mind, he can think of nothing else, so we were glad to leave him to it.

Much to our surprise, a cluster of hollyhocks shot up at the back of the equipment shed.  We don’t know who planted them or how many years ago they did so, but it’s a lovely addition.

This big black walnut is our favorite place to rest in camp chairs (yesterday we ate Sydney’s tasty experimental watermelon curry there).

Katherine and Sydney took their binoculars with them as we walked the path Sydney mowed on the back of the property.


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