The Final Push . . . and victory plans

Exactly one week from right now I will be free.  Free to get up and leave my desk, free to leave my computer off (okay, okay, or free to use it only for fun), free to go outside and garden or take walks.  But before then I have some work to do: I got the go-ahead for the third section of my written exam, so I’ll do another all-day writing stint tomorrow, submit my writing on Friday, and then try to recover and prepare for the oral exam on Wednesday.

But I will have some breaks and some victory dances.  This weekend Sydney and I are hosting our theology reading group, which will give me a good excuse to do some cleaning and get some groceries in the house.  I’m hoping to visit a regional lilac festival the day or two after my exam, since I could really use some time outside, and I may not have much energy for serious garden work.  And the weekend after my exam some friends from New Haven will be visiting with their new baby.  Oh yeah, and there are about twenty-million end-of-the-semester get-togethers and dinners I want to organize and such things.  I’m guessing I’ll have had my fill of sitting-down for the rest of the year by the time next week rolls around.


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