Changes afoot

Neither kid is keen on picture-taking at the moment, but Katherine can be leaned on “for the grandparents’ sake.”  Nathaniel, however, is quite happy to refuse me even then.  Sorry, I tried.

Sydney has one class left to teach this week before the school year wraps up, and then the farmer’s market begins on May 1st.  I am squeezing in one more writing project before my sabbatical ends, as the kids stay in school mode through May.

Katherine, however, is leading the way with new things as we look forward to summer.  She gets braces next week (cue her famous eye-roll), but she also joined the volleyball league in town and is becoming acquainted with the mental game of playing sports as much as she is court positions and serve posture.  After less than a week, she made it clear that she’s not okay with not knowing what she’s doing, and she’s determined to figure it out.  So you’ll find us at the park a couple of times a week, as I chase balls and she applies to volleyball some of the discipline she’s learned from music.  I try to remind her to lighten up, though I’m also glad to see her so interested.  She’s a bit intense . . . to no one’s surprise.  Much to my delight, however, when she’s actually playing with her team, she laughs, forgets her self-consciousness, and generally seems to have a good time.  And that is fun to watch.


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