Well, after a major effort on Thursday, I felt a bit tuckered out on Friday.  Time at the gym, teaching, and a number of student conferences left me with nothing but a desire to sleep when I got home that afternoon.  And, of course, when I did allow myself a bit of a nap, I awoke only to feel very strongly that my body was punishing me for my major work day.

But this morning Sydney and I got up early (earlier than intended, thanks to a cat whose antics kept us up most of the already-short night) to go to the library book sale.  Though I can’t say either of us found lots of treasures in our main areas of interest, Sydney did clean up on gardening books.  Good thing, since we can’t afford to buy such large, heavy, glossy books new!  And, while he was away at school for a conference this afternoon, I finished and submitted my paper.  That’s now done.

Okay, time to read twelve books, sleep 20 hours . . . and get up early tomorrow. Possible, right?


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