Backyard Camping

Yesterday I surprised Katherine and Nathaniel by pulling out a tent and sleeping bags and announcing that dinner, bedtime reading, and sleep would be outside.  You don’t get much better than this in Kentucky: 60 degrees for the nighttime low, little humidity and no rain, and nearly bug-free.

The kids played games in the yard while I took over Katherine’s hammock and stole some reading time under Sydney’s fruit trees.  Dessert on the front porch consisted of Nutella on graham crackers, with a handful of marshmallows.  It was a hit!  When I was searching for Nutella in the grocery store, they were out of every size except a big jar . . .

I fully expected the kids to make a dash for the house some time in the night, but they stayed outside all night and said they had had a great time.  It probably helps that they were only a few steps away from the chicken coop, so they knew they had company out there.


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