Ahh, sweet irony

Well, I stuck to my page-an-hour goal and threw down 17 pages of my paper yesterday: some pages very good, some very bad, and some thankful to be in the middle.  I will be taking my second (and final) look at that puppy this afternoon and evening before I will be required to send it off to my committee . . . and answer for it in my oral defense.  Good news: there was a good seven-page chunk or so that I think has really helped me to further my dissertation thoughts, and that I think my committee will be pleased to see.  May they forgive the rest.

Knowing I had to leave my paper half-finished to go teach this morning, I left early enough to fit in some time at the gym before class and student conferences.  I needed something besides sitting in a desk chair for two days, and I knew I wouldn’t do a lot of sleeping with my head full of paper thoughts.  And I really needed to wake up.  Well, this happened to be the morning that the gym didn’t post signs to alert members that they lacked both hot water and heat in the building.  I didn’t realize this until I turned the water on in the shower.   Awakening happened rapidly after that point.


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