Exactly one month ago, I collected from our post office a small box that emitted soft, but incessant, cheeping sounds.  The box contained 6 day-old chicks, whom we kept in the basement until they grew adventurous and could be moved to the outside coop.  We then, of course, promptly endured some of the coldest Kentucky spring nights on record.

Thankfully, Chickpea, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Paprika, Poblano, and Pepper are all alive and well, and served as lovely distraction for us over the past month.  Knowing that they would only be fluff balls for a few days, we took pictures incessantly (probably more than we did when our children were newborns . . .), and enjoyed playing with them in the greenhouse.  Whenever we could escape screen time, you’d probably find us in something like the posture of the last picture, just watching them discover the world.


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