Nathaniel on a Bicycle

While we were in Iowa, Nathaniel also mastered the art of bicycling.  He’s not slow to learn; we just tended to prefer scooters, given how useful they were in England.  And scooters are a bit more compact!

Nathaniel was thrilled to find in his grandfather a patient soul who was willing to fix up an old bike from when Adam and I were kids.  In the last week of our stay, Nathaniel went out for a four-mile ride at least once a day–any time he could convince someone to walk or ride with him.  There is a lovely long bike path just down the street from my parents’ house, and it runs all throughout their area.  One of my favorite sounds has become the sweet chirp from my son, “On your left!” as he passes me.  Since I walk and he rides, he has to double back a lot, but he doesn’t seem to mind.  I can, if nothing else, give him practice avoiding obstacles.


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