Paddling hard

Despite best efforts, we’re definitely feeling it to be a full spring.  I just got proofs for my book today–which come with a four-week turnaround time for proofing and indexing–and have papers and exams to grade in all four classes.  Additional manuscript edits just came in for another article last night.

Sydney is slowly working through his book-length translation project, with a chart and countdown posted on the fridge in the kitchen.  But he’s also building a greenhouse (!) and juggling several other writing projects, in addition to his classes and the many students who want to meet.  And yes, farm season is starting up already in Kentucky.

The kids are not forgotten, however.  They just have their own projects to juggle.  Katherine is giving a speech on “How Not to Bang on a Piano” at school tomorrow, complete with illustrations.  She loves projects, even though they can be overwhelming, so she’s really gotten into it.  This has been sandwiched between events for Academic Team.  She medaled in the district event, and she’s preparing for a regional exam next week.  This, apparently, is what kids do on Saturdays?  They go to school to take exams??  The parents are a bit puzzled by all this, but the kids seem to be having fun.

Nathaniel, meanwhile, is watching the rest of us with bemusement.  He knows not to complain about the tiny bit of homework he receives in second grade, and is busying himself with craft projects and, when we let him, working his way through book after book by Rick Riordan.  He also pesters me to let him in on more cooking, so this afternoon I think he’s going to bake his first cake without any significant help.  After some discussion (he first wanted to try making the layered red velvet cake Nelson made for our wedding . . .), I think he settled on Grandma Dora’s carob sheet cake.  We’re all excited about this!


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