After almost two weeks of low-forties flirtation with spring, Ithaca got hit with another snow storm. This would, of course, be the same day that a) our housemate was coming home from the airport in Syracuse after two weeks in England and b) the day the visiting grad student needs to leave early for a long drive back home.

Thankfully, the snow wasn’t overwhelming. It was, however, wet, heavy, and quite beautiful. So, in addition to being grateful that Sydney is finally back home to help me shovel, I am grateful that he took our camera outside to capture the scene. Although I will always love the Midwest and its blankets of snow, one thing I’ve really liked about living in Ithaca is the way winter here has lots of texture: ice and snow highlighting the rugged gorges and outlining hundreds of different kinds of trees. And for those visiting prospective students who don’t like snow: well, I guess we can’t help you. Ta ta.




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  1. Heidi says:

    I feel like the weather here has been different from what I remember of my childhood… We have had a lot of freak ice storms in the past 2 years, combined with some crazy snowfalls this year! I just don’t remember this much ice when I was at home.

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