The kids insisted on dyeing eggs this year, and they liked the idea so much they wanted to try two different methods.  We love deviled eggs, egg salad, etc., so we should make it through a second batch later this week without any trouble.

Sydney will be away for a conference for a week, so the kids and I are going to try to find creative ways to get by without him.  Oh, and did I mention that the kids have spring break this week–and I don’t?  We have several things going for us: the kids have become fun companions on walks around town and in parks.  They’re learning that a walking mommy is a happy mommy.  Katherine will also be celebrating her birthday tomorrow, and for her birthday feast she’s chosen a variety of dishes that will pretty much fill up our week with good food.  And I will have a pile of papers to grade soon, so I’ll be glad for some kid distraction to help me break up the grading sessions.

Both kids got some new clothes from Grandma Birdsong, and were eager to pick out their own Easter outfits.

We have very few opportunities for dressing up, so both kids seem to prefer sneakers and bare feet to all other footwear, and play clothes to formal ones.  But they loved Katherine’s Easter dress (which she promptly paired with leggings, since she wanted to be able to play in it).  I thought it was the color or the bird pattern, but they soon showed me what was really great about it:

Nathaniel’s words last night, as Katherine spun around and around: “When she was spinning around, she looked like a cylinder on top of a sphere.”  Um, if you say so, kiddo.  At any rate, he was delighted.

Katherine had a different response: “I like to spin, and I love that the dress reminds me of the dresses of Grandma Penner.  This dress makes me think of her.”



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