Early Kentucky Spring

A couple of years ago, I headed to a spring visit event for prospective students.  Campus was deserted.  We were in the midst of a snowstorm, classes had been canceled, and only the prospective students and their parents were up and about.

This morning, I headed to the same event, on almost the same date in the calendar, but the scene was quite different.  It was a humid 70 degrees, students were sprawled on the warm stone benches, and the honeysuckle flowers were already adding a heavy dose of spring fragrance.

Many trees, shrubs, and lawns are still pretty bare, but our crocuses opened this morning, our hydrangea and roses are budding, and our kids only came inside once it was dark.


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One Response to Early Kentucky Spring

  1. Mother of the bride says:

    I tiptoed over icy spots when I went outside today. I turned on the fireplace when I went back inside! There were no budding trees or plants, but icicles looked lovely glistening on the bare tree branches.

    We wear sweaters and long pants day after day… after day. The bed is piled high with blankets. We have a heater warming the cat’s bed. I am so desperate for spring that I have resorted to putting artificial flowers throughout the house.

    And there are my grand babies playing outside in bare feet and short pants in 70 degree weather! They are a beautiful sight to see 🙂

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