Christmas in Nova Scotia

It’s been four years since we’ve been to see Sydney’s family in Nova Scotia, so a visit was long overdue.  We also had to come meet our only nephew, who was born earlier this year (during the peak of farming season, so no visit then).  We’ve had a really nice Christmas.  The kids’ aunt has showered attention on them (puzzles, knitting, you name it) and let us sneak in some cuddles with the baby, who just happens to be at Sydney’s favorite age for children.  We’ve also gotten in some time with extended family, as our kids slowly adjust to the fact that they have hundreds of cousins on Sydney’s side.

Nathaniel knew we would have a good time: “Mommy, Uncle Nelson’s a chef, and I know you the three of you also cook.  We’re going to have fun!”  A boy who leads with his stomach.  It’s been too cold for the kids to get out much (they immediately start coughing: the lingering effects of their recent cold), but I’ve gotten in some nice long walks along a former rail line that’s been converted into a walking path through the woods.  Cold as it is, it’s still hard to turn back for home, since the path goes for miles and miles . . .


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