My book is IN

I have no pretty pictures to show you (trust me: there’s nothing pretty about this), but today I emailed my revised book manuscript to my editor and walked a hard copy down to the post office.  After a year of staring down my revision deadline, I’m excited about having it in, so that I can tackle some smaller projects (which will seem very doable now) and take a much-needed break.  I’m glad to see a decade of small discoveries turn into something more, and I’m glad to see that I can put a few hundred pages in Word without it crashing, but I’m now ready for something that doesn’t feel quite so much like a dissertation–or childbirth.

Just in time, too.  Today was the kids’ last day of school, so we have a day at home together before we fly to Nova Scotia to visit Sydney’s family.  We’re excited, and now I can finally get my head into packing!



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