Why I like being married to Sydney

When Sydney was gone, I had a nice little life going (except for the missing him part): early start to the day, time at the gym, carefully scheduled and productive work hours, and a meal routine that was nourishing but that didn’t have me cooking all the time.  It certainly satisfied my orderly predilections, and I worried about how I would deal with the “intrusion” of Sydney’s return.  Yes, yes, I know: I’m a maniac.  Setting that aside, the first thing Sydney did when he walked in the door was look for a nice, clean spot on which to dump his glasses, watch, and everything from his pockets.  Sigh.

Today, however, I’m reaping the benefits of having him back.  He is far more spontaneous than I am.  I prefer the nose-to-the-grindstone (or, if you prefer, head-in-the-sand) approach to life, but he’s always keeping antennae up to pick up new projects, interests, and headlines.  Last week he called my attention to the fact that Pomerium, one of our favorite early-music groups, will be performing at the Cloisters in Manhattan on the Saturday before Easter.  And, after some discussion with me (though I thought he was simply dreaming pipe dreams, and thus didn’t take him seriously), he bought us tickets for that concert.

When we were undergrads, Sydney, Lauren, and I attended that annual concert and thought it was fantastic.  With the stone walls of the Cloisters around you, you can’t help but get in the mood for Renaissance music.  Now, although we’re a bit farther away from the Cloisters than we were in college, we’ll be going again.  And yes, being the romantic dupe that I am, there is something kinda cute about the fact that that concert will mark four years since Sydney and I really got to know each other.  Strange where life takes us, isn’t it?


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    There is some debate about the ‘nice little life you had going’ while Sydney was away. We’ll save that for another day.

    Regarding your concert trip – FANTASTIC!

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