Halloween and the end of the farmer’s market season

Last night the kids enjoyed a Halloween-themed party at one of the dorms at the university, where they got to play games, paint balloons, decorate cookies, and see half of Wilmore.  There is a city-wide bash on Tuesday, when all of the neighborhood kids, rather than go door-to-door, head to Main Street for a street party with lots of booths.  I’ll see half the people I work with ushering miniature dinosaurs, robots, ladybugs, etc., around in the dark.  Thankfully, the kids are given glow-bracelets each year, and they do pretty well at staying close or finding friends.

Meet The Cat in the Hat and Mary Poppins:

As you might have guessed, this is one of the activities I attend without Sydney, who apparently wouldn’t enjoy squiring his kids around a women’s dorm and participating in many rounds of make-believe as part of a holiday he thinks is silly–at best.  I’m just glad our kids have a way to play without having to buy into the frightening aspects of Halloween.  Nathaniel has been terrified by a Care Bears movie, and we don’t need anything that will induce nightmares.  But we are glad to get out as the weather gets colder, and to see other people out and about.

Today was the last farmer’s market of the year.  It never rose to 40 degrees, so it made for some miserably cold conditions (did I mention that it was also rainy and also a bit windy?), but we were glad to see some regular customers come out for one last round of fresh veggies before the winter season has us all hibernating.  We’ll be glad for quieter Saturday mornings for a while, but we’ll miss the interaction with friends.


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    SO cute! The hat and whiskers are very creative, as are the colorful bow ties. I like Mary Poppins’ bag. What great fun for the kids (Sydney, you missed out on a fun evening).

    I made/concocted all of the Halloween costumes when you and your brother were that age. It seemed the tighter the timeline, the more creative I became! I did wonders with pieces of felt and glue (a stegosaurus), and odds and end pieces of lace and ribbon (princess).

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