Singing Together

Earlier this week we joined a crowd at Asbury for a hymn sing.  Katherine has really gotten into music, both piano and voice, but this demanded more sight-reading than she’s had to do before.  Thankfully, a sizable portion of the women’s choir sat right behind us to help her find her way.  She showed a lot more ability to go-with-the-flow than has been her wont, and she really enjoyed it!

I was thrilled to be able to sing with my family.  Nathaniel, though not interested in singing, was happy as a clam sitting at our feet and writing word lists (all the words that end in an “-ot” sound, everybody?  Gotta love how little kids play school when they’re not in it) or reading the book he brought (Roald Dahl to the rescue).

I am tentatively hopeful that we’ll be able to do things like this again.  A new return to public life with kids in tow!


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