Easter Adventures

Although I love marking the full season of Lent and often make grand plans for the entirety of Holy Week, the reality is that Easter often fall during the busiest time of year for us.  This year is different only in the extent to which that is true: Sydney’s farm launch and the final few weeks of the school year coincided this year, and our family was a bit too tired and worn out to get into a more disciplined celebration.  So we took opportunities where we could.

The kids and I did Easter egg hunts with the neighborhood at our town’s park and their Sunday School classes at church. Once the first egg hunt was over, I lent the kids (only temporarily!) for a tent shade the heavy quilt made by my grandmother, and they remained holed up in the playground turret, sorting candy and playing with new toys while I mowed the lawn.  Since they only eat a few pieces, the selection process is very extensive.  I gave them a few ground rules, and then said that I was starting the mower and would leave the rest up to them.  That bought me a couple of hours of quiet time!

Katherine also took part in an Easter reading at church.  She complained about not liking to read in public, but she did a great job.  The reading also led to some really interesting discussions between our kids on the way home from church, as they asked about the Easter story, baptism, and a host of other things that won’t be settled in one car-ride conversation.


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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    What child does not like their own space, high above the ground – a place for them to get out of the sun, read, and of course, carefully select candy choices! Katherine looks so cute and poised, reading at church. Nathaniel seems quite enthralled in the tower!

    Keep us updated on the farm launch!

    Love to all of you…

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