Christmas at the Birdsongs’

For Christmas Day at my parents’ house, the kids had an extra-special present: Uncle Adam, who drove two hours from his home in Des Moines to join us for his only day off.  Adam played along, patiently walking Katherine through a new math game and letting Nathaniel talk his ear off.

christmas1 christmas2 christmas3

Nathaniel had a surprise for us all, though.  He had gotten up at his usual early hour every day we were there (6:30 EST translated to 5:30am Iowa time), and was busy downstairs with his crafts every morning when the rest of us came down.  Well, he’d apparently worked hard to assemble a car and what he explained was a popcorn maker for Grandpa Birdsong, and then hide them for Christmas morning.  I can’t even imagine how many hours he spent on those projects!

christmas4 christmas5


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