Land Between the Lakes

Since it has finally cooled down in Kentucky, we’ve gotten the itch to get some hiking in.  It really is just too hot to enjoy much of it during the summer and early fall.  This week, the kids’ fall break, was our first chance to get away.  So Sydney took us four hours west, near the edge of the state, for a weekend of hiking and walks along the water in the Land Between the Lakes.  After a long night’s sleep in the lodge on Friday, the kids and I walked from our room over a lovely bridge and causeway, and then a couple of miles along the bridge and top of the Kentucky Dam.  It was a gorgeous Saturday morning:

lbl1 lbl2 lbl3After we met up with Sydney (who wanted to stand still and look at birds elsewhere), we took a long (5-mile) family hike inside the park:

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  1. Mother of the bride says:

    A really lovely park – woods -forest! You will want to make that trip again when the air is a bit crispy! Beautiful! And my babies are SO cute!

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