Earlier this week I decided I needed a break from the libraries, so I walked around in Oxford’s botanic garden. Naturally, there would be more to see there later in the year, but there were some interesting things now as well. Here are a few pictures. I even promise a photo of myself.

First, some narcissus with what I assume must be some lovely Rubus sp. in the background:


There are lots of really cool euphorbias to be found around here, much cooler than that euphorbia that everyone knows, i.e., poinsettias:


Any place where you can grow cyclamen outside has something to be said for it, in my opinion:


Here’s some birch bark (Betula albosinensis, to be precise) for Erin:


And here’s a flower for me, since I have always liked green flowers and black flowers and this one is both green and black:


That was a widow iris, by the way. A widow rainbow? I think I could come up with a better name.

I really hope this plant sometimes does something to merit the name ‘mirabilis’:


This tillandsia needs to hear a few good Mennonite sermons on modesty …


And, finally, they had a whole greenhouse full of insectivorous plants, including these tiny sundews:


That’s me in the photos for size comparison. Now, I want to hear no more complaints that I never have any photos with me in them.


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2 Responses to Garden

  1. Erin says:

    Several comments:

    – Okay, you cheated. Big time. What kinds of standards are you setting by such behavior???

    – Thank you for the picture of the tree. It’s beautiful!

    – I love the cyclamen and wish we could have them in the house again, but I’m sure Arwyn will try to eat them and then throw up the very toxic plant. Sigh.

    – What is the thing sticking out of the grown next to the mirabilis tag? Is that the mirabilis itself? It really does look like the profile of a sheep’s head. But maybe that’s just me.

    – Couldn’t you like ordinarily pretty flowers, and not just ones that prove that you, as a gardener, have thwarted nature?

    Thanks for the pictures, sweetheart. I’m glad you found time to go to the gardens!


  2. fustianist says:

    I do like ordinary flowers. Just not only ordinary flowers.

    And, yes, that ‘sheep’s head’ is the plant. Or, at least, there was a high degree of correlation between sheep’s heads and such labels.


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