New School Rhythms

We’re all settling into a bit of a routine.  Both kids seem tuckered out from school, so we’re still adjusting bedtimes so that they don’t squabble their way through the evenings.  But Katherine very happily hops on the bus each morning and I get a lot of “School’s good” comments from her.  She’s so breezy about all of these new things that it’s almost enough to make me wish for the many extra layers of communication from kindergarten.  But  then I think about how nice it is not to have to interpret reams of policies and papers to help guide her through the maze of formal education for the first time . . . and I’m grateful for where we are.

It’s been interesting starting classes here at Asbury, too.  Sydney and I share an office, and today I got an email from a student who was writing, she thought, to him to take his class.  We also have several students in common, and I can only imagine how funny it seems to our students to have a different Dr. Penner at a different hour of the day.  There’s extra confusion this first week, as students make class and major decisions before the semester locks in, but it’s also easier in that they’re more awake than they’re likely to be again this semester.  And they’re not yet groaning under the workload.

Nathaniel is bopping along as usual, still at his day care each morning, but with Sydney or me in the afternoon.  I think he likes having as many caretakers as possible.  Such a sociable little guy.


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