First Day of School

Sydney got back last week and since then it’s been a flurry of meetings, orientation exercises, and both old and new students popping up all over.  We start classes on Monday.  The kids, though, started this week, with Nathaniel scootering to day care on Monday and Katherine starting first grade today.

Nathaniel was excited to join me in my school’s cafeteria for lunch this afternoon, where all of the incoming freshmen and their families were nervously lunching and saying goodbye.  He ate his way through three plates of salad and wild rice and banana and in the end I finally gave up and gave him a small plate of dessert just to signal that this is the end.  For dinner I gave them watermelon, veggie omelets (three and four eggs apiece), souped-up hashbrowns (fun to make!), a bit of hummus and veggies, and an apple.  Then I just said that I was out of food, so the kitchen was closed.  Both kids have been eating like maniacs in the past week, so it does feel like procuring and cleaning up is almost more than Sydney and I can manage.  We’d better see some inches in the kids’ legs or torsos after this feeding frenzy, or I’m going to stop taking my children on long scooter rides for exercise!

Katherine had a great experience in first grade with her new teacher and a few familiar classmates.  She was not at all anxious about going, when she got home she matter-of-factly reported all of the papers I needed to look at or sign, and she immediately started preparing her things and clean clothes so that she is ready to go back tomorrow.  She apparently didn’t even worry when the bus failed to stop at our house on the way home (I had to call them to get them to come back).  I suspect she hardly noticed, since she was sharing her seat with a friend from class.



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