The Art of Homeownership

When we bought our house, I knew immediately I’d need to do some painting.  Things were just a bit beaten up and there were a lot of hastily patched nail holes throughout the house.  I love the green in our kitchen, but our bathroom was a very unflattering shade of yellow-cream.  When I told a friend yesterday I was spending the summer painting my bathroom, she looked at me with concern: “Erin, that’s a half-day job!”  But I’ve never painted before.  I have painted the vanity, inside and out, the closet, the walls, all of the trim, and the floor, replacing fixtures as I went.  I’ll have to leave the counter and bathroom mirror (yes, this is a ’70s house!  how can you tell?) until I have more funds, time, and a helper, but the kids were suitably impressed when I started painting striking black patterns all over the floor.  Yes, I was scared and no, it’s not perfect, but the rather loose pattern has nicely obscured the blah linoleum squares underneath.


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