Kids at Play in Two Different States

Earlier this week Sydney and I took Katherine to Cincinnati first for lunch (at Elephant Walk, an Indian and Ethiopian restaurant, where we tried almost everything they had) and then to the zoo.

Given the time of year, there were a number of new arrivals at the zoo.  Katherine really enjoyed all of the new lion cubs and a baby gorilla that got a lot of attention:

It has been very, very quiet in our house.  Katherine not only doesn’t miss her brother yet, but she often declines our offers to come outside with us (we’re deep in garden and yard improvement) so that she can keep playing her own games.  Today I heard her cry (apparently the cat leaped just when she reached up, and she ended up with a nasty scratch), and it startled me; it’s the first time I’ve heard her make a loud sound all week, whereas most of the time with the kids we hear sounds of distress with great regularity throughout the day.

In Iowa, meanwhile, Nathaniel has been enjoying things that go vrrroooom (I wonder if he’ll still be impressed by our reel mower when he gets back?) and time at the local playgrounds.  After visits to my former elementary school and city park last year with the kids, I have to say, I think kid play areas have come a long way in the past twenty years!


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