After my Boston conference, Sydney surprised me by taking me through Massachusetts to the places we’d stopped on our honeymoon, including a butterfly garden.  Many of you know that I’m not too keen on bugs (yes, I include butterflies, pretty as they are), so the last time I went through that butterfly garden I went in and out of the door four or five times before managing to stay in.  Sydney tried encouragement, then pleading, and finally he reminded me that even small children were entering with delight.  “More fools, them,” I think, was the gist of my reply.  But we eventually had a good time and I liked getting to see the butterflies.  Unwittingly, I had worn red, which attracts butterflies.  Sigh.  This time around, ten years later, I only had to enter one time, and, for the most part, enjoyed seeing all of the different kinds of butterflies. 


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