Last Week and This Week

Last Saturday:

As you can see, our cats seem to get along well.

We’re told that this is what winter in Kentucky can be like.  I still think it weird to have hummus-and-veggie picnics on our porch in January.

Nathaniel doesn’t have much chance at remaining illiterate.  Katherine corners him to read to him every chance she gets.  He, meanwhile, has gone back into Legos with a vengeance.  He’s getting up early at the moment, so by 5:30 in the morning I usually hear the snap of Lego pieces from the kitchen.

Sydney’s favorite visitor to our yard (yes, this is sarcasm).

This Saturday:

This morning I had one of my most beautiful walk/runs ever.  Given all of the wonderful places we’ve lived, that’s saying something.  I headed from our house to Centennial Park, just up the road, and looped around the park right before full morning light, with the place to myself.  Every branch held snow, and the rolling hills of the park really did look like blankets.  I then returned to this view from the kitchen.

Since the kids aren’t really used to snow, and Sydney went birdwatching with the car after I got back, I decided we’d stick close to home for our snow fun.  Both kids had a great time and stayed out an hour or so.  They never really did get to snowman- or fort-building, but they enjoyed making piles and scooping up snowballs.

But when Katherine was done, she was done.  I held Nathaniel’s return off by handing him a Tonka truck to play with (suddenly he was no longer cold and didn’t want to come inside), but Katherine insisted she was done, and she was shortly back to her books, enjoying the quiet while he was outside.


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