The First Day of School

This morning, after a few days of practice, the kids and I got up early and were standing on our front step by 7:05am, waiting for Katherine’s bus.  Neither kid got the sleep he or she needed, but with a bit of reminding they tumbled out of bed happily enough and were helping when putting on their clothes and shoes.  For Katherine, The First Day of Kindergarten had come, and for Nathaniel . . . he just wanted to see the bus arrive.  Everything went very smoothly, and after we waved Katherine off, Nathaniel and I scootered (he scootered, I walked) down the hill to school.  I was giving a talk today and leading a class of freshmen, so I was pretty busy for much of the day, but it was great to slip out of the office in the evening and walk home with the kids while Katherine gave me the full report.  She already knows her kindergarten teacher (my colleague’s wife) and was brimming over with new rhymes and instructions.  I’m just thrilled that she’s excited to go back! 


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